MASUM is the abbreviated form of Banglar Manabadhikar Suraksha Mancha is based in West Bengal. It took shape in the year 1997, just before the 50th Anniversary of Universal Declaration Human Rights. Initially, MASUM provided the platform to the activists who had been working in human rights fields and were involved into various movements for long period. This platform provided them a new forum to strengthen their movement from different perspectives.

The prime work sphere of MASUM is to act, protest and raise its voice against state repression i.e. custodial violence, torture & death, illegal detention and enforced disappearance from police custody, BSF Torture, Extra judicial killing, police firing and against torture as a whole and to create pressure on the administration to strictly adhere the rule of law whatsoever established till now. Masum also developed complaint mechanism by filing complaints over human rights violation incidents in different human rights institutions and also to International organizations as well as UN organs. MASUM has adopted recourse of legal remedies for the victims of state torture by directly approaching courts. Fighting for securing the right for any single person and the depressed community is also our area of work. To organize awareness camps/workshop with different groups, NGOs or any locality over human rights issues, legal rights etc. is one of important works of MASUM.

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The commitment of Drik India lies in its role as a social entrepreneur, addressing social issues, with the primary objective of producing incisive, well researched as well as entertaining communication materials that combine the rigor of journalism with cultural sensitivity. Drik

Drik India, the first overseas branch of Drik, the award winning new media agency of Bangladesh, concentrates on doing research, networking, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, event management, along with conceptualizing, designing, printing and publishing. Its professional team making up the library, audio-visual and multimedia departments provide state-of-art media products. The professionals at Drik India form a team capable of taking on media-production and management work that transcends the barriers of geography & culture.

Drik and Drik India have a network of national & global partnerships. Drik Partnership has been formed involving Aina Photo (Afghanistan), b.i.t.s (Pakistan), College of Journalism & Mass Communication (Nepal), Drik India and TVE Asia Pacific (Sri Lanka).